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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Moyers: The Lies of Tonkin vs. The Lies of Iraq, and What's Up with PBS

Another must-read speech by Bill Moyers, one journalist who is not afraid to tell the truth and doesn't try to hide it under "nice."

Moyers notes that, like the run-up to Iraq, intelligence leading to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (that opened the way to massive escalation of the Vietnam war) was faked--but not, he said, with LBJ's knowledge. Moyers was working in the White House at the time.

But then he looks at the Bush II administration's penchant for secrecy, for deception, for rewarding its corporate cronies--and for interfering with the few remaining institutions in journalism that have any backbone left--and the results aren't pretty.

Ethics in both business and government is crucial--and achievable. Visit Shel's site,, to learn more.


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