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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Democrats Sold Us Down the River–Again!

They say the definition of insanity is doing th same thing over and over and expecting different results–like Pelosi and Reid crawling back to Bush with a toothless, no-timeline funding bill on the iraq debacle. Not that the first bill was so great but it least it squeaked out an attempt to take back some of the power the Executive Branch has stolen.

The bill passed in Congress yesterday is simply inexcusable.

I sent this letter to Harry Reid and (slightly modified to reflect and thank her for her personal “no” vote on the appropriation) Nancy Pelosi today:

Funding the war once again without strings is a terrible mistake. I cannot believe you caved in to Bush again! Where is the leadership? If Bush insisted on vetoing the time line, there is no need to have brought *any* bill.

When the Democratic Party calls asking for money, I will *not* be opening my wallet!

In fact, if you were looking for a path to create massive defections to the Green party or some other actual alternative, this is it.

I think Dennis Kucinich has the right idea: if bush vetoes a funding bill with restrictions, you simply don’t give him a bill. Or better yet, you increase the restrictions. Kucinich’s own HR 1234 calls for funding only a withdrawal. A good idea, IMHO.

Use these links to send your own messages:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi


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