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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Well, Duh! White House Finally Discovers Ethics Training

Talk about too little, too late! In the throes of a popularity plunge, GW Bush decides to have Harriet Miers conduct ethics trainings for key staff. So reports the Washington Post.

This is the most scandal-ridden administration since maybe Warren G. Harding. The group that has built its entire platform on lies, favors to friends at taxpayer expense, suppression of legal dissent, illegal disclosure of an undercover agent in apparent retaliation for a policy critique, and criminal foreign policy. Oh, and can we throw in a level of disaster unpreparedness that would embarrass a typical 3rd or 4th world country coupled with a president who doesn't have a clue about what to do when his people are hurting?

Ethics training? Don't make me laugh! These guys (mostly, they're guys) wouldn't know ethics if it walked up to them and bit them on the cheek. If I thought for a moment that this was anything other than a PR stunt to begin damage control, I might be hopeful. But call me cynical, but I think this gang is far too far gone to actually care about their impact on others.

You want to show me you're serious, Mr. Bush? Start by making good on your promise to fire anyone tainted by the Plamegate scandal. I don't see Karl Rove or Cheney packing their suitcases just yet, and Libby's replacement is part of the same skunkworks. So let's not pretend ethics has anything to do with this administration while those two "gentlemen" go to work at the White House each day.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger said...

What strikes me is how embarassing it should be for the administration that the bulk of it's staff needs ethics training!

I mean for the love of god, these people are running the most powerful entity in the history of our planet and they expect us to believe that a refresher course on not being complete ***holes is gonna fix it all up?

Lance Armstrong may have used steroids to win the tour de france. But don't worry, we plan to put training wheels on his bike.




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