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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

PR and a Mega-author: Susan Harrow Makes Over Malcolm Gladwell

I have a lot of respect for media coach/PR queen Susan Harrow, author of one of my favorite PR books (Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul) and the go-to person if you want your author on Oprah. I've subscribed to her newsletter for years and it's one I actually do read.

Susan's launched a new project: celebrity makeovers by nomination (e.g., these are not really her clients). She starts with advice to Malcolm Gladwell. I've read Blink and a chunk of The Tipping Point but have not heard him speak. I think I have heard him on radio but it didn't leave much impression.

Susan goes after him to improve his speaking delivery in a big way, and all the points she makes sound valid. Speaking is a vital communication tool for authors. But she also tells him to shave his hair. Looking at his picture on her blog, I think it's kind of cute. I'd vote for a little trim maybe, but not a radical new look.

But I sure do hope we haven't reached the point on the glitz-scale where someone with as important a message as Gladwell is judged on his or her hairstyle!


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