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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Disturbing News about 9/11

I think of myself as fairly aware of the various conspiracy reports around 9/11, and the clear case that we're not being told the whole story by our government or by the mainstream media. There are so, so many irregularities, anomalies, eyewitnesses... I'm familiar with the idea that the towers were dynamited, and that Building 7 in particular would not have collapsed as it did from the aftershock of two nearby buildings being slammed by jet aircraft. I've also seen skepticism about what really hit the Pentagon.

But until just the other day, I'd never heard the theory that Flight 93 was not crashed by a re-hijacking of the cabin by courageous passengers, but by a US military missile. However, I happened to be in my car with the radio on, and I caught a rebroadcast of an archived interview with David Ray Griffin, on of the most respected 9/11 scholars around. He was saying, and this is new to me, that there's strong evidence that the Pennsylvania crash was the doing of the US military.

this has huge implications about the coverup, the real reasons for 9/11, and much more.

Unfortunately it didn't have a transcript, but I tracked down an audio of the interview.


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