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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rove, Others Directly Implicated in Prosecutor Firing Scandal

I’ve been following the scandal about politically motivated firings of highly competent US Attorneys for a while now (see this blog entry I wrote last month).

Some disturbing new developments: First, Kevin Johnson in USA Today reports more details on the guy who replaced Bud Cummins, the fired attorney in Arkansas:

Before his call to active duty in 2005, Griffin was an aide to Rove at the White House. Griffin’s résumé says he “organized and coordinated support for the president’s agenda, including the nomination of Judge John Roberts” to be U.S. chief justice.

In other words, a political hack replaces a skilled prosecutor. Boy, does this one stink! But it gets worse:

Second, Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor report for the McLatchey newspaper chain that one of the attorneys, David Iglesias, was let go after Allen Weh, head of the Republican Party in New Mexico, complained about him to Karl Rove, and Rove replied, “he’s gone.” The story continues,

Weh’s account calls into question the Justice Department’s stance that the recent decision to fire Iglesias and seven U.S. attorneys in other states was a personnel matter - made without White House intervention. Justice Department officials have said the White House’s involvement was limited to approving a list of the U.S. attorneys after the Justice Department made the decision to fire them.

And we’re not done yet. Third, today’s Democracy Now reports that the White House flat-out lied about the level of its involvement, and actually considered a “coup” against all 93 US Attorneys at once. Attorney General Gonzales, Rove, and former White House Counsel (and Supreme Court nominee) Harriet Miers are all implicated:

New information has revealed the Bush administration’s role in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys is greater than previously thought. The White House has admitted administration officials worked with the Justice Department to draw up a list of U.S. attorneys who would lose their jobs. At one point two years ago, the administration even floated the idea of firing all 93 US attorneys at once. The White House has also admitted President Bush spoke with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about Republican concerns the prosecutors were not pursuing voter fraud cases. Seven of the prosecutors were asked to step down just weeks later. On Monday, Gonzales’ chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson resigned after acknowledging he did not properly inform the Justice Department of his consultations with the White House. Sampson’s email records show extensive discussion with top deputy Karl Rove and then-White House counsel Harriet Miers. The administration had previously claimed it only approved of a list of fired US attorneys after it was drafted by the Justice Department.

How deep does this scandal go? And many more incidences of scandals, lies, fraud, illegal activity and more will it take before the Democrats find enough backbone to start impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney, followed once they are out of office by criminal prosecutions against the whole gang of ruffians?

In any other democracy, these thugs would have been tossed out of office long ago. Failing to do so is an international disgrace. Our Founding Fathers would be deeply ashamed that we have let these unpatriotic radical criminals repeatedly break laws with no apparent consequences.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

Well, think the situation is really bad and probably worse than we can imagine on the surface. Thanks for drawing the info together on who replaced the fired prosecutors. The link below ties together a lot of the link well, I think.


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